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Kaliningrad Oblast , Ozersk

Church Darkemen

The building of the Lutheran Church is the main architectural dominant of the city. It is visible almost from any point and striking in its beauty until now. The first half-timber Church was built on this site in 1615 the Organ was obtained in 1752 from Tracinski of the Church in königsberg. In 1842 he laid the first stone of the new Church, which in the same year was consecrated.

The building of the Church built in the Gothic revival style characteristic of the school of architecture of K. F. Schinkel. Three-aisled Basilica in the East completed a semi-circular choir. On the West facade rises the bell tower. Internal space of the Church was covered with wooden ceiling. In 1892 the Church was built the bell tower with a clock, and the master from Elbing (modern. Elblag, Poland) A. Terlecki installed a new organ. In the late nineteenth century had a famous Protestant preacher — pastor G. F. A. Rogge.

During the Second world war, the Church was not damaged. After 1945 the building was transferred to the agricultural College: it housed farm machinery and were carried out practical trainings. Subsequently, for a long time the Church has not been used. The lack of oversight led to the destruction of structures, in late 1990, the building roof collapsed.

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Address: Russia, Kaliningrad region, Ozersk, Komsomolskaya street, 10

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