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Kaliningrad Oblast , Kaliningrad

Church Juditen

Кирха Юддитен
Кирха Юддитен
Кирха Юддитен
Кирха Юддитен

Currently: Orthodox St. Nicholas Church
Ditter Kirchenstrasse / Shady alley 38

Time of church's construction is the end of the 13th century (presumably 1288-98 or 1276-94 years). The choir was most likely added in the early 14th century and the tower in the late 14th century. According to others nave occurred only between the years 1330 and 1340.

In 1820 the Church tower and nave were connected by a transverse hall with a barrel vault.

By the end of the war in 1945, the Church had no damage; later, the vaults collapsed.

In 1985 was restored; the arch was restored and replaced with wooden ceilings.

In 1987 was consecrated as St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.

The Church originally belonged to the estate, was in morepornforme time a famous place for pilgrimage.

Located on a hill and visible from afar the Church is a single body construction, its form is the result of numerous additions, the last of which was closed nearly three-meter opening between the Church nave and tower. When this was closed West front street, formerly stood separately, consisting of 5 parts and still simple decorative niches.

Gable made of red bricks, the nave and the choir in opposition to it made of rough stone. This pristine wall is made so powerful that even in the construction of arches, which occurred, perhaps, somewhere in the mid-14th century, it was not necessary to put the buttresses.

The vault of the nave is very interesting: five bays separated, as is customary, each of the two diagonals, but only one; so there was just two triangles over each span. The choir arch which in time came first, has a very low star-shaped vault. The longitudinal naves and the choir, even separated by a wide transverse arch at the entrance the impression of a single long space, this impression is even intensified by the low-lying and beginning at the bottom of the window arches. On the North side originally had no Windows; the Windows on the South side were later extended.

West tower, standing at first alone retained his heavy the Foundation is of burnt brick. Betrothed add-on at first was “half-timbered” construction, and only at the beginning of the 16th century was the reconstruction using only bricks.

Occurred in 1820 the space in front of the entrance was rebuilt from the Shrine, initially built by the father of field Marshal von Reder for themselves and their descendants. It is covered by a transverse barrel-vault.

In morepornforme time, the Church was a famous place for pilgrimage. The valuable interior of the 16-th to 19-th century, among which was the Church chair with carved wood and soundproof cover, was looted in 1945, or destroyed at the same time. Wall paintings from the late 14th century also nothing left.

Today the Church is used by the Orthodox community. Because of the new flat wooden ceiling and the iconostasis, which separates the former Chora, view of the inside of changed a lot.

The Text Of Baldur Kester \ Translation Alexey Shabunina

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Address: Kaliningrad, Tenistaya street alley, 38

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