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Kaliningrad Oblast , Kaliningrad

Friedrichsburg gate

Фридрихсбургские ворота
Фотобанк Лори

Friedrichsburg gate is the only surviving element of the former fortress Friedrichsburg. This gate was built in 1852 by the project of F. A. Stuler. In their architecture they resemble the city gates of Konigsberg. As the city gates, the gates of the fortress were built of baked shaped bricks in neo-Gothic style.

The gate consists of a Central passer of the portal in the form of an arch, the sides of which are symmetrically situated casemates for the garrison. On the sides of the passage are four round towers. The gate is decorated with decorative scalloped parapets and false Gothic Windows.

They were built in the XVII century to cover the bed of the Pregel Fort Friedrichsburg, which in the mid-nineteenth century became part of the second rampart fortifications. The citadel was demolished after the First world war with the laying of new railway tracks. Fredriksbergs the recently restored gate is the only reminder of the Fort once existed here, where Peter I arrived in 1697 to Koenigsberg with the Grand Embassy under the name Peter Mikhailov, he studied artillery science and even received a certificate offering «to recognize and read» its owner «perfect for throwing bombs, careful and skillful fire of the artist.»

Construction description from the Baldur Kester (translated by Alex Shabunina):
InArata the little Fort were developed with the Technical building in Styler deputation in Berlin. They do not differ from the city gates. And its powerful round towers are reminiscent of Sechinskie gate. But opposed to them, these gates do not have an imbalance in their horizontal and vertical elements. Because they have a narrow strip of the cornice under the crown of teeth and also passes around the rounded towers, thus pritormazhivayut in his quest upwards. Yes and the upward movement of the Gothic structures is restricted to: forms openwork ornament above the gate, and the jags are not given the opportunity breakthrough from the basic concept by adding rectangular shapes. The middle part above the arch of the gate shows very clearly how high was the quality of the work on laying a brick wall in the middle of the 19th century, and how to use bricks of different colors you can make complex Gothic forms.

The restoration of the gate began only in the early XXI century, after which they became a branch of the Museum of the World ocean. There is historical-cultural center «the resurrection Ship», is dedicated to the history of shipbuilding, which is represented not only in photos and drawings, but in the «live» exhibits. «Rook yard» is a fusion of traditional Russian submarines — Vologda «berestyanka», Azov Struga, Chukchi kayaks, etc.


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