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The Republic of Adygea

Bolshoy Tkhach Nature Park

In 1999, among the territories of the Western Caucasus nomination, the Bolshoy Tkhach Nature Park was included in the List of World Natural Heritage.

From the north this mountain range looks like a clenched fist facing the city. From the west Bolshoy Tkhach is a huge wall of rock. Its crest resembles the teeth of a large saw, tilted to one side. It looks particularly beautiful and impressive when viewed from the Lagonaki tourist center and the Kamennoye More (Stone Sea) Ridge. From the east, against the background of alpine meadows and forests, its summit looks like a bow of a giant ocean liner with a half-sunken stern. From the south the Bolshoy Tkhach resembles a gothic castle. Its 100-meter-high walls of rock are open on three sides and are lit by the sun throughout the day.

It is often called Lysaya (Bald) Mountain by the locals. Bolshoy Tkhach stands at 2,368 m above sea level. It stands like a guard on the border between two districts: Mostovskoy and Maykopsky. The Peredovoy mountain range starts from here. It includes the Maly Tkhach, Asbestnaya, and Achezhbok mountains. The range ends with the vast high-altitude plateau Bambaki with its summit — the Dzhuga mountain.

Small rivers originate in the Bolshoy Tkhach and Maly Tkhach mountains: Bolshoy Sakhrai, Maly Sakhrai, Kuna, Slesarnya, Afonka, Tkhach, and Khodz. The Khodz is rich with trout and has the picturesque Orliniye waterfalls. The name of the Bolshoy Tkhach mountain originates from religious beliefs. «Tkha» means «God» in the local Adyge language. You may sometimes hear a translation of the name from tourists that sounds like «Young God» or «Sacred Mountain».

There are several itineraries for weekend tours. Many tourist itineraries start from here, leading to Tuapse, Abkhaziya, and Karachaevo-Cherkesiya.  

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Address: The Republic of Adygea, Maikop district, the Natural Park «Big Thach»

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