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Vladimir Oblast , Zareche

The Museum-Estate of the XIX century of the manufacturer S. I. Dumnov

Dumnov Manor is the only Russian museum complex, reflecting the history of silk and velvet weaving — a unique craft, common in the 19th century in the former Pokrovsky county of Vladimir Province, and having no analogues in other regions of Russia. Now, completely disappeared, it is an integral part of the history of the Vladimir region and an important part of its cultural — historical heritage.

The famous Moscow dolls artist, granddaughter of the manufacturer Dumnov — Galina Maslennikova, who redeemed her ancestral home from the state for more than 10 years ago, created the museum. She restored the house of her ancestors with historical accuracy, using family archives, stories and gifts of the oldest inhabitants of the village, working for several years in the archives of Vladimir city, Kirzhach and Moscow.

So in a house built by Galina's great-grandfather — I.F. Dumnov, for the production and for family life, it was able to recreate the authentic atmosphere of the life of a large Russian family end of the 19th century — the beginning of 20 century, where the generation to generation was engaged in the same business — the production of silk velvet. This extraordinary beautiful, handmade velvet was delivered to the most expensive shops of Moscow and St. Petersburg, was delivered to the royal court.

All the estate exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to return to the past of the village Zarechie and feel like a participant of a bygone life: to go on a visit to hospitable merchants Dumnov, to taste delicious cabbage soup and cakes, buckwheat with mushrooms, cooked in the Russian stove, to drink tea from a samovar with aromatic herbs gathered on the surrounding flood plains of the river Sherna, to work on the loom, to listen to the songs of the peasant women-weavers.

Guests of the museum — manor are offered to become participants of historical reconstruction of the life of our ancestors.

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Address: Vladimir region, Kirzhachskiy district, the village Zarechye

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