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Tula Oblast , Tula

Tula samovar

Samovar in Russia has long been associated with Tula, although the name of the creator of this very important household appliance is still unknown. However, many native inhabitants remember the names of the Lisitcin Brothers — Nazar and Ivan.  In 1778 they founded the first industrial samovar production — it was the production of hot water boilers.  

Soon other similar enterprises were organized in the city. By the end of the XIX century, there were more than fifty enterprises, the most famous were the manufacturers Batashev, Teile, Shemarin. Samovars were made from copper and melchior, and specimens intended for high-ranking persons were covered with gold or silver. 

Samovars became a symbol of the wealthy Russian family. In city and country houses, the samovar was an attribute of holiday and joy. There were many different types of samovars: road samovars, coffee-samovars, kitchen or tavern samovars and small «egoists» which intended for one or two persons. 

Tea boiled with water from Tula samovar is extremely tasty and fragrant — that's why Tula samovars are so popular today.
Old traditions exist in Tula until now.

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