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Krasnodar Krai , Gelendzhik

Old Park Cultural Center

This architectural theme park, the first of its kind along the Black Sea coast, was created by Alexander Alexeyev.

The main epochs of world culture and aesthetics are displayed on more than a hectare of territory: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. The layout of the park creates the unique effect of making these different cultures seem unified: the different time points and architectural styles coexist and complement each other, creating continuity in a single green space.

There is an Egyptian Sphinx, a Pharaoh guard, an obelisk indicating that the power of the king is the will of heaven, and a pyramid comprising the spirit of ancient civilization.

The ancient temple merges Greek mythology with Roman culture under a Zeus statue to create classical civilization.   

There is a colonnade and a fountain from the European Enlightenment era. A stone bridge from the Middle Ages and a watch tower bring you up close to romantic architecture. The Cottage for Two from the times of Abelard and Heloise, and the palace gazebo of deadly sins in the middle of the intricate pond, belong to early Gothic architecture with its inherent motifs of the Last Judgment.

Here, ornate baroque and intricate art nouveau are just a few steps away.

The ancient world is represented by the Temple of Zeus (Jupiter). The temple was built according to the canons of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Inside is a sculpture of Zeus.

Among the exhibits of the Old Park are a fountain, rotundas, a cascade, a rockery, a roaster, as well as a landscape with small architectural forms and sculptures. These buildings are a local landmark. Tourists from surrounding coastal cities eagerly. With the owner's permission, one of them has even spent the night in the pyramid to feel its miraculous power.   

There is also a pond with a medieval tower in the park. The pond has an island with a rotunda consisting of a fountain and sculptures of the Seven Deadly Sins in the medieval tradition.  

There is a collection of paintings by Russian artists in the Gallery of Modern Art, built in the art nouveau style. The Caucasian House has a small exhibition on the history of the Caucasus.

Eastern culture is embodied in the form of a temple resembling the Taj Mahal; Orthodox Christianity is represented by the St. Nicholas Chapel, which was consecrated by Kuban Metropolitan and Ekaterinodar Isidor.

Ministry of Resorts, Tourism, and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar Krai /

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Phone number: 8 (918) 99-555-18
Address: Krasnodar Krai, Gelendzhik, Kabardinka village, Chernomorskaya, 55
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