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Vladimir Oblast , Vladimir


It was opened on April 28, 1962 on the initiative of the city administration. The planetarium is located in the historic center of the city in the building of the Church of St. Nicholas and Kremlin. Nikolo-Kremlin church was built in 1761 on the site of an ancient wooden church burned down during the great fire.

It hosts lectures on astronomy and astronautics, biology, ecology, geography and history; total — more than a hundred different lectures! Subjects are selected in such a way that lectures are both learning (to help the school program), as well as informative and entertaining character.

Colorful illustrations, expressive voice of a lecturer and an amazing atmosphere of the cognitive game allow creating an exciting journey during which serious scientific facts are easy to remember. Great interest of the visitors is provoked with quite rare exhibits: Foucault pendulum, a large globe of the moon, the first models of artificial satellites. It also presents the country's only diorama showing the start of the spacecraft «Energia-Buran».

Small cozy room ... Turn off the light ... sounds beautiful music ... and on a huge spherical dome screen a thousand of stars begin to flash!

For the whole hour, you are immersed into the wonderful, exciting world of space — a majestic, boundless and wonderful world!

This miracle the Vladimir planetarium gives to its visitors.

Every visitor is able to discover something interesting: the possibility to learn about life on the neighboring planets, learn how to find familiar constellations in the sky, meet your favorite artist or listen to poetic lines under the starry vault.

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Phone number: +7 (4922) 32-22-90
Address: Vladimir region, Vladimir, street Big Moscow, 66A

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