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Kemerovo Oblast , Sheregesh

Sheregesh Ski Resort

Sheregesh is a ski resort with the developed infrastructure including 15 ski trails fr om 700 m to 4.2 km in length and from 120 to 800 meters in elevation. The trails are built for different levels of difficulty, their total length constituting 42 km. There are 18 ski lifts, from J-bars to gondola ones.

The feature of Sheregesh ski resort is its unique snow conditions. The season welcomes skiers from the early November till early May, and the thickness of snow cover reaches over two meters. Therefore Sheregesh attracts the extreme skiers seeking for «off-piste» ride. Besides, the resort facilities include a snowpark with springboards, handrail, fs 314 air bag, a trampoline and an indoboard. Instructors will help both beginners who try downhill skiing for the first time and people who want to master freestyle. There is almost no avalanche danger at the resort: it is ensured by the woods on (the)slopes. Acclimatization is quite easy. Sheregesh provides equipment rental centers and accommodation.

Sheregesh offers a range of choices for enjoying vacations customized to what you desire, whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or a little of both: there is a bowling centre, an indoor ice rink, a tennis court, entertainment centers, and even «the upside down house», an attraction wh ere all things are fastened to the ceiling for unusual photoshoots.

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Phone number: (383) 207-93-55
Address: Sheregesh, Tashtagol district, Kemerovo region

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