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Murmansk Oblast

Saami village «Sam'-Syit»

Саамская деревня «Самь-Сыйт»
Фотобанк Лори
Саамская деревня «Самь-Сыйт»
Фотобанк Лори
Саамская деревня «Самь-Сыйт»
Фотобанк Лори
Саамская деревня «Самь-Сыйт»
Саамская деревня «Самь-Сыйт»

Sam"-Syit translates as «the village of the Saami people». This is a place for preserving the traditions of the ancient Saami (or Laplanders), the indigenous inhabitants of Murmansk Oblast who lived on the Kola Peninsula, northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland

This open-air ethnographic museum introduces you to the traditional way of life of the Saami people living in the centre of the Kola Peninsula. The local Saami «Sam"-Syit» community arranges tours to a Saami village every year. The Saami natives talk about their history and their way of life. At the ethnographic museum in the Petroglyps national cafe you can taste Saami cuisine — «lim», salmon soup, and «vyar» venison with potatoes; «pakula» national herbal tea, local «Lovozersky» bread, and other dishes.

The Saami have always believed in spirits and worshiped idols and the Sam"-Syit community would not miss a chance to show this side of their culture. Every idol has its own purpose — love, happiness, luck, fortune, health — and according to local beliefs they can make wishes come true and keep troubles from your door.

During the tour to the Saami village you can see foxes, Arctic foxes, and rabbits. You can pet and feed deer, take photos with them, take part in traditional Saami sports «Pole War» (a tug-of-war using a pole instead of a rope), «Deers and wolves» etc., and get to know charming, blue-eyed husky dogs. During a tea break you can listen to a lecture on Saami history and ask questions, try on Saami national costume, and have your picture taken, buy talismans, amulets, and traditional handicrafts.

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Phone number: +7 (921) 169-62-99, +7 (911) 306-06-75
Address: Murmansk Oblast, Lovozersky District

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