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The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania , Dargavs

Midagrabin Waterfalls

Мидаграбинские водопады

Midagrabin is a seven-kilometer long mountain valley resting in a picturesque natural amphitheater with soaring rock walls that disgorge 12 snow-white waterfalls.

The waterfalls in the Midagrabin Gorge have been known for a long time, but research conducted in 1995 revealed their true wonders: It was discovered that the Bolshoy Zaygelan waterfall (750 meters) is the fifth largest waterfall in the world and, in fact, the largest in all of Europe.

The Midagrabin Waterfalls give the impression of streams of water flowing right from the sky. They are fed by glaciers and for this reason in winter the water flow ceases almost entirely, leaving but grandiose ice buildups on the surrounding cliffs. As for the summer, especially after a pouring rain, the volume of falling water increases many times over.

Those lucky enough to visit these waterfalls, situated in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, will have lifetime memories and positive feelings.

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Address: Республики Северная Осетия-Алания, Алагирский район, в 7-и километрах южнее селения Джимара

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