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Saratov Oblast , Lokh

The Cave of Kudeyar

Пещера Кудеяра
Пещера Кудеяра

The Cave of Kudeyar, a landscape and historical-cultural landmark, is located inside the Kudeyar Mountain. Its history and name, respectively, are connected with the name of a half-mythical person — chieftain Kudeyar, who lived here with his gang somewhere between the 16th and 17th centuries. According to a legend, in the cave, behind iron doors there are immense treasures of Kudeyar, but the golden key from the doors is in the Simov spring at the foot of the mountain. Only the one who manages to bail all the water from the spring, may get the key.

The Kudeyar Cave was first mentioned in 1848 by A. Leopoldov in his "Historical essay on Saratov Krai". In 1890 a Russian historian, regional ethnographer and archaeologist A. Minkh published a rather detailed description of the Kudeyar Mountain legend, learnt from the old residents of Lokh village. The first findings in the cave — coins — found their way into the Saratov museum in 1891. From the moment the first "treasure" was found, the mountain was regularly studied. Amateur treasure hunters also frequented the mountain.

Today the Kudeyar Cave is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the region.

Ministry of Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism of Saratov Oblast /

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Address: Saratov Oblast, Novoburassky District, Lokh village

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