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Omsk Oblast , Kurnosova


The natural landmark «Batakovo» is a national archaeological and natural park on the left bank of the Irtysh river in the Bolsherechensky region 150 km from Omsk. It was created in 1995, its area is 15000 ha.

«Batakovo» is a uniquely preserved natural park in Western Siberia. In this territory we can come across the flora of steppe, forest-steppe, and taiga zones. Several dozens of medicinal and protected herb species are listed in the Omsk Red Book and considered to be rare not only throughout the region, but also throughout Siberia.

More than 150 sites of all epochs and cultures are the archaeological monuments of «Batakovo». Ancient settlements, underground and mound burials, and fortresses form perfect ensembles. Some of the remains of necropoleis and cities of more than 2 thousand years survived so well that the streets and details of defense constructions are still well-distinguished. «Batakovo» consists of 3 parts: a citadel, a city and a trading quarter. On the sides of the defensive wall there were the towers from which it was possible to deliver cross and side fire.

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Address: Omsk region, Bolsherechenskii

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