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Chelyabinsk Oblast

Ziuratkul National Park

Национальный парк «Зюраткуль»
Фотобанк Лори
Национальный парк «Зюраткуль»
Шакиров Денис

The Ziuratkul National Park was organized on October 3, 1993. It is named after lake Ziuratkul, which means «heart-lake» in the Bashkir language.  The lake is surrounded by five high ridges and mountains that protect the basin from cold northern winds. This lake is unique from both a geographical and geological point of view. It is the highest in altitude and the purest freshwater lake in the Urals. It is also one of the very few lakes on the western slope of the Ural mountains.

The surface area of the park is 88,300 hectares. It is situated in the higher regions of the South Urals. This region is called Sinegorye (Blue Mountains) because, from a distance, the mountain ridges, covered by uninviting taiga forests, really seem to be blue in color. From the northwest, the territory of Ziuratkul is fenced off by the Ziuratkul (1175 m.) and Suka (1195 m.) mountain ranges. The Moskal range (1048 m.) encloses the park from the southeast, and the Urenga and Yagodny, both over 1100 tall, dominate the park from the southeast as well.  The central part of the park is occupied by the Nurgush range; with an elevation of 1406 meters, it is the highest point of all Chelyabinskaya oblast.

The main features of the park's landscape are the vast areas of dark coniferous taiga, and on the slopes of the ridges, Alpine meadows and high-mountain vegetation. The mountain ranges are topped by fantastic residual quartzite, and fast mountain streams, full of rapids, flow down picturesque valleys.

The development of this territory started a long time ago: primitive tribes appeared on the shores of Ziuratkul in the late Paleolithic era, around 12,000 thousand years ago. Fourteen stone age dwelling sites have been uncovered along the shores of the lake.

The park adminisration is in Satko, a small old mining town.

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Phone number: +7( 902) 897-25-77
Address: Chelyabinskaya Oblast, Satkinsky Region

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