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Chelyabinsk Oblast

Arkaim Historical and Cultural Reserve

Историко-культурный заповедник «Аркаим»
Историко-культурный заповедник "Аркаим"

This unique monument of the Bronze Age, a fortified settlement of the early urban type, was discovered in 1987 in the south of the region during the construction of a reservoir. They named it in honor of mount Arkaim, which is located nearby. It transpired that the monument was a settlement laid out in accordance with a plan prepared in advance, with a clear urban construction idea, sophisticated architecture, and fortification. Later 20 more settlements of this kind were found, which indicated that a fascinating ancient culture had been discovered. It is conventionally called the «Land of Towns», but its scientific name is the Arkaim-Sintashta culture.

The discovery of Arkaim provided some completely new data on the migration routes of the Indo-Europeans; it proved that four thousand years ago there was a highly developed culture in the steppes of the South Urals. The residents of Arkaim had foundries and forge; they weaved fabrics and produced pottery. Their economy was based on cattle farming.

The fortified settlements of Arkaim-Sintashta culture are attributed to the 3rd-2nd millennium BCE. They are older than Homer's Troy by five or six centuries, and they are the contemporaries of the first Babylonian dynasty, the pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, and the Mycenaean culture of the Mediterranean.

In 1991, the territory of the Arkaim valley and 15 other sites with archeological finds attributed to the Arkaim-Sintashta culture were declared protected reserves. They became the foundation for the Arkaim Historical and Cultural Reserve.

Over the twenty years of work at Arkaim, researchers and museum specialists have gathered a rich collection on the ancient history of the South Trans-Urals. The staff of the reserve arrange educational and informative programs on the ancient history and traditional culture of the Urals, the history of religion, geology, soil science, botany, and ornithology.

In 1992, the research program «Man and Nature of the Southern Urals in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene» was developed. Under this program, the reserve area is seen as a testing ground for the study of the interaction of man and nature at the present stage, in retrospect and in the future.

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Address: Chelyabinsk Region, Bredinsk District

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