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The Republic of Crimea , Resort

Golden Gate

The main tourist attraction in Kara-Dag is certainly the Golden Gate. It is located just behind Razboynichya Bay.  The cliff sticking out of the water near the shore is cut through by a natural arch.

Another name for the Golden Gate is Shaitan-kapu, the Devil's Gate. The water depth beneath the cliff is 15 meters. The cliff is eight meters above sea level and about six meters wide. The cliff formed as a result of surf impact.  The cliff is made of yellow basalt. At two-three o'clock it shines like gold, hence the name.

It is possible to see the sun rise through the Golden Gate in Kara-Dag only a few days a year, close to the winter solstice. The Gate is guarded by the stone Lion, and Lvinaya Bay (Lion's Bay) is enclosed by Mayak (Lighthouse) cliff.

Boat tours to Kara-Dag are made virtually fr om all the coastal towns of Crimea, but most often from Koktebel and Feodosia. It is certainly worth seeing this beauty at least once in your life. It is quite possible that you can repeat the adventures of Odysseus, who in his journey to the shores of Cimmeria could well have stopped in the bays of the mysterious cliffs in Kara-Dag.

A great impression is made not only by the Golden Gate but by the beautiful sparkling sea around it. It changes color constantly: first it is a quiet and gentle turquoise, and then a pearly white entrapped in fog, or a cornflower blue competing with the sky. But the sea is capricious and fickle. Fierce winds crash loud rushing white waves along the rocks.  In the evening or early morning, when the surrounding mountain silhouettes are clearer, one can admire the changing colors and shades of «one of the most festive seas of the globe.» This is the nicest place in Crimea and maybe in in the entire world.

And if it is true that the Golden Gate is the path to a parallel universe, a breakthrough in otherness, then the world wh ere it leads is full of kindness, caress and love...

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