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The Republic of Crimea , Rotary

Cheremisovskie waterfalls

Cheremisovskie waterfalls and Kok-Asan gorge are located just outside the Povorotnoe town. A walking trail starts from the house of the forester and passes through the gorge Kok-Asan along the river Kuchuk-Karasu. Over the course of three kilometers, one after another there are five waterfalls, rapids, Baths of Youth. Most of the pedestrian trail passes through beautiful beech forest and about one kilometer through a rocky gorge.

The first fall is within 300-400 meters from the start of walking path. It is a small cascade flowing smoothly into the clear pool. Next waterfall, beautifully jumps from ledge to ledge, with a head bursts into the stone bowl or bath of youth. Behind it begins the gorge Kok-Asan, where is situated the waterfall «Uschelny», the narrow trough between two rocks, it rushes into the gorge and the sound of falling water echoes along the river. Along the flow, one of the slopes with picturesque, like suede drips, with gentle flows trickles waterfall «Mother’s Tears» or simply «waterfall of tears.» Not far from it there is very symbolic waterfall of «Love», consisting of two three-meter water flows, symbolizing two lovers who come together to continue their journey together. The excursion route in Kok-Asan gorge ends up at a huge cascading waterfall with height of 10 meters, flowing gracefully into four rocky ledges, angled 45 degrees. Above the waterfall «Cascade» the river is represented with a small stream, going along which the upstream can reach the pass Gorucha (743 meters) and exit at Arpatskuyu plateau. Then you can go down to Panagia hole located on the southern slopes of the Main Ridge, and along the river Arpat go down to the South coast of Crimea.

From cordon of forester to the waterfall of «Love» is one hour's journey. For the largest cascading waterfall is another 30-40 minutes. That is, depending on the desired route back and forth can be completed in 2-4 hours. All Cheremisovskie waterfalls can be seen in spring or after heavy rains. In summer and autumn river Kuchuk-Karasu is very shallow.

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Address: Republic of Crimea, Belogorsk district, Povorotnoye town

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