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The Kabardino-Balkar Republic

Dzhily-Suu Thermal Springs

In the northern part of Mount Elbrus there is a tract of Jil-Su. It is a unique and beautiful place of Kabardino-Balkaria. Gili-Su is translated as «warm water» and is widely known for the healing qualities of mineral water. More than fourteen sources are scattered along the tract in the upper part of the Malki River at an altitude of 2380 meters. Struggling from under the ground hot narzan has unique healing properties, is saturated with mineral and organic substances. And it is translated as «a drink of the hero». He is considered to be the main source of strength for the tribes of the sled that lived in ancient times. The water temperature is quite high, it is plus 22-24 degrees.

Taking baths of hot narzan Gily-Su, there comes a persistent effect of the recovery of the nervous system: memory improves, headaches disappear, pressure returns to normal. For people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, this unique water helps to remove salt from the joints and restore their mobility. Water has a healing effect, improves the tone of the vessels, all thanks to the combination of the temperature regime and the action of the chemical composition of the Gyly-Su water, in which the calcium concentration is high, silicon, which has a beneficial effect on the bone system.

Tourists live in headscarves or in rented trailers. The season lasts 3-4 months — from May to September. There is a mobile connection.

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