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Kirov Oblast

Sokolya Mountain (Falcon Mountain)

Соколья гора
Игорь Кисельников

Sokolya mountain is composed of sandstones of the Perm River, which existed in this area 260 million years ago in the Permian age.   Today, the site is popular among palaeontologists and geologists fr om around the world, as well as tourists.

By Sokolya Mountain, one can bathe in a relic spring. According to hydrologists» estimations, the water flows from a gradually melting, 30-million-year-old glacier deep below the surface of the earth.  According to local legends the water in the spring is rejuvenating: those who drinks it and bathes face preserves the health and beauty for long time.

At the top of the Sokolya mountain, there is a heathen temple wh ere ancient people worshiped.  Presumably in the 4th-2nd millennium BC, ancient hunters conducted their rituals here. Paleontologists have repeatedly excavated arrow tips from the Bronze Age in almost the same location.  According to archaeologists, places with large numbers of valuables typically were places of power.

Locals claim that they regularly see objects resembling UFO over three villages along the road to Sokolya Mountain.  This place is considered abnormal and has acquired a certain popularity among ufologists.

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Address: Kirov Oblast, Kotelnichensky District, Boroviki District

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