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Primorsky Krai

Kravtsovskie waterfalls

Кравцовские водопады
Прохор Титов
Кравцовские водопады
Прохор Титов
Кравцовские водопады
Прохор Титов

The waterfalls are located near Kravtsovka settlement on the Kravtsovsky Brook. Kravtsovsky Brook is a small mountain river streaming along the valley of small hills from the north to the south. The rock blocks up the brook, where the valley slopes interlocks. Water beat its way through this rock over the centuries and formed a system of five waterfalls.

The first waterfall named «Skazka» is approximately 6 meters high. It has a regularly shape and uncommon for waterfalls peculiarity — absence of a giant′s pothole. The water flow descends on oblique granite slab and slide down into the stream bed.

To admire the second waterfall, named «Kamennaya Chasha», you should make an ascent of the almost upright wall.  It is not so high as the first one, about 4 meters, and comprises two terraces of variable height. This waterfall has the biggest cup-shaped pothole.

The third waterfall names «Dikaya Past′» (Wild Jaws). It got its name owing to the piece of rock in the form of the bucktooth prominent from the left side of the water flow. The waterfall doesn’t yield to the first one in height that is about 6 meters.

The fourth waterfall, «Stupenchaty» comprises two steps equal in size. Its height is about 5 meters. The water flow has less power that is why pothole is not so big here.

The fifth waterfall named «Khrustalny» is little higher than 4 meters. It has three steps, along with it the top step is the biggest one. It is the widest waterfall in the Kravtsovsky cascade.

All waterfalls differs from each other and, in the same time, have something similar. For instance, all of them have crests of dirty-yellow tincture. This is due to the minute rock particles in the water. That is why the river, which the brook flows into, names «Gryznaya» (Dirty).

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Address: Kravtsovka settlement, Khasansky district, Primorsky territory

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