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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Irbit

The Museum of folk life in Irbit

The Museum of folk life was opened on may 23, 2011, with the direct participation of the resident, entrepreneur and collector Mikhail Ivanovich Smerdov. Previously, in the building was situated vodka plant, and today it is one of the most attractive showplace in Irbit for the tourist. The Museum was created with the idea to unite in one place all significant historical objects famous for fair trade. There is the biggest collection of samovars, from the smallest «Egoist» of 100 grams up to the big 415 liters installed on the motorcycle, one more symbol of the city. About 2 500 people can drink tea from such a samovar simultaneously! 

In the Museum people are trying to keep alive the traditions of tea drinking. Guests are meet here with fragrant herbal tea served in glasses with glass-holder and pancakes cooked in a real Russian oven.

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Phone number: +7(34355) 3-96-66
Address: Sverdlovsk region, Irbit, Revolutsii, 25

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