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The Republic of Ingushetia , Magas

Tower of Concent

Barta ghala – Tower of consent – is the most higher building in Ingushetia which was opened in 2013 in the center of the capital of Ingushetia – Magas, in style of ancient ingush combat tower which was quadrupled. The height of a tower Barta ghala is 100 meters.

Concorde Tower is major touristic object of the flat of Ingushetia. Large area and planning of floors allow it to various cultural events, seminars, youth forums and so on. Art workshops and ethnographic museum will be open on the floors.

At a height of 85 meters is an outdoor observation deck with glass floor, the visitors are treated to sweeping views of Magas and the surrounding area. In the future Concorde Tower must be historical mirror of the region, includes the pictures of the population centers of all districts of Ingushetia, national dress, household items of the generations who previously lived in the area.

In order to create the most realistic museum, huge archaeological work will be carried out, during which the researchers will gather information about the physical artifacts, such as large buildings in the region, including the destruction of the tower complex. There will also be carried out an investigation of the cultural heritage of the ancestors, including myths, legends, tales and epics, and archival images. Researchers will analyze the sports that practice our ancestors ways of crafts and other information.

Visitors to the future of the museum complex will be able to not only get extensive information about the history of "Tower of consent" and the region as a whole, but also to take part in master classes and lectures, in which visitors to the museum will be able to join the life of their ancestors and to feel yourself in the place of one of the inhabitants of the ancient settlement.


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