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Saratov Oblast , Zorkino

Lutheran Church of Jesus Christ

Лютеранская церковь Иисуса Христа

The Lutheran Church in Zorkino is considered one of the most beautiful churches to be found in the former German settlements in Russia. It was built in 1877, at the time when ethnic Germans from the Zurich area settled here.  Built in stone in the neo-roman style with a 38-meter tower and decorated with four clocks, the church could seat up to 900 people. The building was designed by Johann Eduard Jacobsthal, an architect from Berlin. The church was decorated with paired cathedral windows, openwork crosses on the small towers, and decorative brick elements. The organ for the church was specially ordered from Germany.

In 1930s, the bell was thrown off the steeple, the tower was destroyed, and the organ was dismantled. The building was converted first into a granary, then into a workshop, and later into a club. In 1987 the building was totally renovated, but a fire in 1992 left only the walls standing.

On October 3, 2015, the church opened its doors after a major reconstruction. It has been rebuilt as a monument of architecture in strict adherence to the original blueprints. The construction company that took care of the ambitious reconstruction project is headed by Karl Lorr, whose father was a native of the Zurich German colony, which has now become the Zorkino village.

Apart from the Lutheran Church itself, the complex houses a library and a local museum, as well as a guest house for tourists. For the locals, the building has become a center of culture and leisure.

Ministry of Youth Policy, Sports, and Tourism of Saratovskaya oblast /

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Phone number: 8 (84567) 6-25-33, 8 (919) 435-10-27
Address: Saratovskaya oblast, Marksovskiy rayon, Zorkino village, Pervomayskaya street, 33

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