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Sverdlovsk Oblast , Ekaterinburg

Water tower

Water tower at the dam of the city pond built in the 1880-ies for maintenance Ekaterinburg railway workshops. Now it's one of the recognizable symbols of the city.

Railway workshops of Ekaterinburg worked in the end of XIX century in the place of mechanical factory and Mint. The first railway in Ekaterinburg was built in 1878 and had a significant impact on the subsequent development of the city. A separate branch line was built from the main railway line for repair of locomotives, working for steam engines. This line at the time was going through the whole city centre, from the streets Vostochnaya along the Pokrovsky Boulevard (today Malysheva street) to the mechanical workshops. The lower part of the hexagon of the volume of the water tower is paved with granite blocks, the upper level is wooden. Bunk volume topped with a lantern. In 1972-1973 the tower was removed metal tank and replaced the wooden parts. In summer, the tower is a Museum of «Metalnaya Lavka», telling about forging the culture of the Urals XVIII-XIX centuries.

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Address: Sverdlovskaya oblast, Ekaterinburg, ul. Gorkogo, 4V

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