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Zabaykalsky Krai

The Chara Sands Natural Landmark

Урочище Чарские пески

The Chara Sands are a desert surrounded by leafy taiga. Here the mountain tops and rivers combine in an amazing way with quartz quicksand and moving dunes.

The Chara, Middle Sakukan, and Upper Sakukan rivers, as well as the mountain range Kodar, form the boundaries of the desert. Two lakes — Taezhnoe and Alenushka — are at the edges of the desert. Kalarsky district can be called the territory of contrasts. In an area of just 56,800 square kilometers it contains: the natural landmark Chara Sands; the snow pole; Nichatka, the deepest lake of the region;  the highest spot of Zabaykalsky Krai — Baikal-Amur Mainline peak of 3,072 m, and one of the largest rivers of the region — Kalar.

It is interesting that an ancient settlement, as well as spearheads and arrowheads made of nephrite, were found in the Chara Sands. For now, it is a mystery who lived here, where they found the nephrite, and where they went.

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Address: Zabaykalsky krai, Kalarsky district

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