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The Republic of Ingushetia

Vovnushki Tower Complex

Башенные комплексы Вовнушки
Комитет Республики Ингушетия по туризму

The magnificent Vovnushki medieval tower complex is located in the narrow Ozdi-Chozhd canyon, on the peaks of shale ridges, and consists of two separate unassailable castles, which, according to legend, used to be connected by a pendant bridge in ancient times.  The combat towers have four stories, narrow gun slots, a high parapet, and a flat roof. The avenues approaching the towers and dwellings are protected by thick defensive walls, which, at first sight, seem to be a natural part of the mountain. The Guloy-Khi river flows down the canyon floor.

The combat towers are a live illustration of the stronghold concept: huge stone constructions stand strong on a rocky foundation. The Vovnushki castle-fortress is the crowning glory of the Ingush, a symbol of the firmness and steadfastness of their spirit and a reminder of their heroic past. «Vovnushki» translated from the Ingush language means «a place for combat towers.»

Vovnushki is a recognized architectural monument and is part of the Dzheyrakhsk-Assinsk State History, Architecture, and Nature Conservation Area.

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Address: Respublic of Ingushetia, Dzheirakh district

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