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Primorsky Krai , Chistovodnoe

Dragon Park

This rock sculpture complex is near the Chistovodnoye village in Lazovsky District and is famous among travelers for its outstanding history of origin and for its radon springs, the healing properties of which are yet to be understood by scientists.

The park occupies an area of 36 hectares (89 acres). High up in the hills there are stone statues made by nature itself. They look like dragons, turtles, and other animals. A significant part of the formation is occupied by the central figure of a dragon, with its tail stretching for 800 meters along the hill's ridge. Along this place the path runs through rock outliers through mountainous relief, in which you can see human faces and stone shapes of fantastic creatures.

There is also a place in Dragon Park where giant «dragon's eggs» are scattered chaotically, lying in natural bowls. Visiting this place generates unforgettable emotions and feelings. The radon hot spring here is also a must-see. It doesn't freeze even during winter and you can even take a dip if you fancy. There is also a belief that you may drink water from the spring with your lips only, not touching it with your hands. And while doing so you can make your most cherished wish.

The origin of Dragon Park still generates considerable interest among tourists and lovers of active pursuits. Some believe that it was born out of natural processes. Others think the stone structures to be the work of ancient people. There is also an utterly fantastic opinion — that Dragon Park was created by rational dinosaurs or some visitors from outer space.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Lazovsky district, the village of Chystovodne

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