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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Labynkyr lake

The main anomalous zone at the pole of cold is lake Labynkyr. Mysterious water is continuously attracted considerable interest among scientists. Many people are trying to find a huge creature, which the common people called ‘devil’. But it is difficult to get to the lair of a terrible monster.

Oiymyakon district of Yakutia is a mysterious world separated from civilization by taiga forests, tundra and incredible temperature. A giant bowl of the vast reservoir, in spite of the scary legends and myths, will never lose interest of the active traveler.

The Lake Labynkyr has a long history. This area is in more than 100 kilometers away from civilization, surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains and impenetrable forests. The water in the lake is so clear and transparent that all pebbles and fish that live in the pond are visible. According to reliable data, the average lake depth is about 60 meters (with underground cracks, increase the depth), the length — 14 km, and the width — 4 km. 

In the Summer mysterious lake Labynkyr is never heated above 9 degrees, and in winter freezes later than the other ponds in the area, and even at minus 60 degrees in some areas grow ice-holes. The Yakut consider the lake sacred and are afraid to come fishing here. For these purposes citizens choose the near-by lakes: Alysardakh, Vorota, Myamichi and others. Mostly here come travelers for adrenaline, fishing and hunting. They are not afraid of underwater monster.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Oiymyakonskiy district

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