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Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok

A midday shot from the cannon

Полуденный выстрел из пушки
Алексей Зайцев
Полуденный выстрел из пушки
Алексей Зайцев
Полуденный выстрел из пушки
Алексей Зайцев

In 2016, visited Vladivostok back the glorious naval tradition of a daily shot out of a cannon.

In St. Petersburg, where this custom is established in 1704, the shot is from one of the bastions of the fortress. The story is a midday shot in Vladivostok originates in the XIX century. After a long break the tradition was back in 1970, when the shot was made 100 mm gun on the Tiger hill. In 1996 cannon, who had become one of the symbols of the city, fell silent. Picked up the baton Museum "Vladivostok fortress": 1997, shot gave the 45-mm signal gun of the on-site batteries, "Anonymous." In 2008, the gunfire again stopped: charges the desired sample available is small, the Museum does not have the means to buy them. Since then, a gun shot sounded only on holidays.

Concerned citizens collected signatures in defense of tradition, addressed in various instances. After Vladivostok, founded in 1860 as a military post, and today remains the main base of the Pacific fleet. In 2010 it received the status of city of military glory. The FORTS and batteries of the Vladivostok fortress, though, and lost its defensive importance and remain a unique feature of the city and a popular tourist objects.

In the end custom it was decided to restore and make the first shot June 12, 2016 — the Day of Russia.

Now daily artillery salute will be given at noon of the 122-mm howitzer on the 33rd pier, located in the center of Vladivostok on Ship quay. This pier accommodates large anti-submarine ships of the Pacific fleet.

Shot out of a cannon is not only the opportunity to compare notes. This is a touching story and a business card of Vladivostok, not only a free port but also a naval fortress.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

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