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Primorsky Krai , Vladivostok

Squid jigging

The most species of fishes move to the depth where water is more oxygenated and cooler. However, it is the best time for the squid fishing. It more often takes place in the night far enough from the coast.

The gears for squid hunting used to be quiet unsophisticated such as common polished stainless spoons. Today, the specialty shops offer a variety of adjustments to hunt for cephalopods. The squid is fished from the boats, sometimes with the use of echo-sounders to locate their concentration. Although it is easier to catch a squid than a fish, the hunting has its own nuances: it is essential to choose place, depth, select a jig of appropriate length, colour, and pattern, to choose its weight depending on the strength of the current and the depth from which the squid is taken.  The dangerous way of the fishing is the one near the ships that are remaining off the harbour and attracting with the lights the young fishes which the squids hunt for.

The squid jigging is the favourite amusement among the Vladivostok locals. They go for it with families, large groups of friends, and working teams. A lot of delicate dishes can be prepared from the squid. 

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