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Primorsky Krai , Tavrichanka


Яков Улькин
Яков Улькин
Яков Улькин

Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kiting under these words lies a whole bunch of different sports, United by one idea: to use as a thrust the wind and a large towing kite (kite). System plus kite" is one of the most advanced sail designs in the world.

There are a number of riding styles with the kite: "wakestyle" (skating with the kite on a Board resembling a wakeboard, and performing stunts while jumping; the "old school" — high smooth flight; "vejvrajdinga" — riding with the kite in the waves on a surfboard; "well as free-ride, leaving behind the horizon and rest from the worries alone with the sea and wind. All these types of kiting can be addressed in Vladivostok.

In the spring and early summer, almost daily blowing thermal wind is mild, very smooth. At the end of Amur Bay near the village of Tavrichanka is primary riding locals called "RVS". The place got its name from the nearby village, which serves the station. A huge lagoon with a depth of about half a meter ideal for initial training and for practicing jumps. The wind blows in the afternoon and before sunset, many kiters come from Vladivostok and Ussuriysk to ride after work. On the water beyond a few dozen people as well as instructors with beginners. It seems incredible, such as the number of kites does not tangle with each other.

Summer seaside kiters like to ride on the island of Russian (Cape Aleshichev) and in the Khasan district (on the spit Nazimova). In the fall, during the North winds, kites can be seen right in the city of Cape Congery. In the winter at their disposal a huge ice expanse of the Amur Bay. Two-meter skis, whistle, lanyard, speed to 100 km/h travel "to Sandy and back in less than an hour.

Needs a proper trainer, proper technique, a few hours of "driving under supervision" and be sure to follow-up ride to skills.

Once in Vladivostok for a few days, it is recommended to select one of the local Kautsky and go to first lesson "Discovery kiteboarding". It is held on the beach, with special training by the serpent.

Kiting can be a great hobby and the ability to quickly expand the circle of acquaintances and business relations, if you decide to stay in our city for several months.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Nadezhdinsky district, the village of Tavrichanka

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