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Primorsky Krai


Прохор Титов
Прохор Титов
Прохор Титов

Vladivostok — city-iceberg, underwater (underground) part of which is just as impressive than visible.

A large part of the dungeons of this urban mycelium, the root system of the city is connected with the object of the Vladivostok fortress, built in the early twentieth century. Besides the FORTS and batteries scattered throughout the city's cellars, galleries, warehouses, etc. Military construction continued later.

Another part of the underground Vladivostok air — RAID shelters. There are «catacombs» and purely for peaceful purposes — the tunnel name of Stalin, the binding regions of the 3rd Working and meadow, underground reservoirs, manifolds, etc.

One of the most interesting dungeons — Vladivostok 2». This is a fallout shelter, evacuation system and at the same time the backup control port is in the center of the city (near the theater named after Gorky) in the early 1940s. Underground tunnels connected the asylum with the regional Committee of the CPSU(b), the office of the NKVD and the quays of the Golden Horn.

Stalkers underground Area activists Vladivostok digger club, with a long career studying the hidden city of Nedra. Today, the club is not only about sightseeing and local history, and public inspection of monuments of history and culture. Some of them just diggers saved from ruin.

Vladivostok is connected dungeons the stuff of legend. The most famous is about the underwater tunnel to the island of Russian, which is like part two of «Ural». Experts expose these myths, but local people still convince themselves otherwise.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

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