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Kursk Oblast , Kursk

Kursk Salient Memorial Complex

Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»
Мемориальный комплекс «Курская дуга»

The memorial complex is situated at the northern entrance to Kursk along an alley about one kilometer in length.  Construction of the Kursk Salient complex was launched in 1996. The project designers were: architect V. N. Mikhailov (Kursk), P.P. Pakhomov, A. Yu. Lebedev and others (Moscow).

The Kursk Salient Memorial Complex includes the memorial to Marshal G. K. Zhukov, the Triumphal Arch, the memorial headstone of the Unknown Soldier of Kursk; the Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr St. George; the memorial to perished Kursk residents; the stella Kursk — City of Military Glory; and an alley of weapons and military equipment.

The figure of front commander G. K. Zhukov is cast bronze (sculptor V. I. Bartenev and I. A. Minin).

The Triumphal Arch (24 meters high) is decorated with marble. At the top of the arch is an equestrian statue of St. George spearing a dragon. On four sides the Triumphal Arch is flanked by bronze figures of an ancient Russian warrior (sculptor N.P. Krivolapov), a grenadier (sculptor I. A. Minin), a foot-soldier (sculptor A. Z. Zhilenkov) and a figure of a tank driver during the Battle of Kursk (sculptor I. A. Minin).

When the complex construction was already in full swing, the remains of Red Army soldiers executed by fascists were found in Kursk, near Kavkazskaya street. Governor A. V. Rutskoi resolved to construct an unknown soldier tomb in the territory of the memorial complex. The remains were buried in August 1998 and a memorial with an eternal flame was constructed a year later.

The sculpture composition is a relief stone with a figure of a perished soldier in the right part with a flock of cranes flying in V-formation over it. Kursk lands, with silhouettes of Kursk and the views of local villages and churches, are depicted on the left.

St. George Church consists of three tiers, with a golden dome and a cross on top, and nine bells. Inside, the church walls are inscribed with the names of soldiers who perished during the Battle of Kursk.

In the alley of weapons and military equipment one can see: medium tank T-34 (1994), 152 mm howitzer (1943), gun of 1941–1945, 88 mm division gun D-44, 76 mm anti-tank gun ZiS-3, 37 mm antiaircraft artillery gun of the type AZS-39, self-propelled mount ISU-152, and field rocket launcher Katiusha on the base of a ZIL-157.

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