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The Republic of Crimea , Феодосия

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities is one of the oldest museums in Europe, and  the oldest Provincial Museum of Regional Studies of the Russian Empire.

The founder of the museum was the mayor of Feodosia SM Bronevsky (1763-1830). The project for the establishment in Feodosia Museum of Antiquities was approved by the decree of Emperor Alexander I, and May 25, 1811 the museum was opened.

The museum collections then totaled antiquities purchased for 1000 rubles for the decision of the City Duma in Theodosia merchant Dzhevardzhi, lapidary monuments of the medieval ruins of Kaffa-Kef, antique antiquity. Some of the first exhibits are presented in a modern museum.

Over time, the collection is enriched by random discoveries coming from Kerch, Taman, Sudak and other places, the gifts of the various organizations and individuals. Already from the middle of the XIX century. received the materials of archaeological excavations, including expeditions to the museum itself.

In 1871, the exposure of Feodosia Museum of Antiquities located in a new purpose-built tools to IK Aivazovsky building in the Greek style on Mount Mithridates. In the mid-1920s. the museum was moved to the house of IK Aivazovsky, of which he served until 1988 Today, the museum is located in the heart of the city on the avenue Aivazovsky in a former hotel «Genoa», a monument of architecture of the early XX century.

Hall «Nature South-Eastern Crimea» introduces the geography, geology, palaeontology, flora and fauna, climatic features of the region, in particular — with the volcanic mountain range of Kara-Dag. Emphasis is placed on highly artistic diorama with views of the landscape of South-Eastern Crimea. Mosaic floor with a schematic map of the peninsula is made using Theodosia colorful clay.

A separate room is devoted to the history of the Crimea since the appearance of man on the peninsula. In the hall of the ancient and medieval archeology shows a more than 2000-year history of Feodosia region. Medieval antiquity presents complexes of archaeological finds from the Hun, Khazar and Polovtsian burials. A special place in the exposition devoted to the history of Kaffa, the most important Italian colony on the Black Sea.

The exhibition «Feodosiya on old postcards from the collection of YF Kolomiychenko «a large collection of Feodosia postcards late XIX — early XX century. Exhibits Hall «Theodosius the Great Patriotic War» shows the heroic Battle of the Kerch Peninsula, underground and guerrilla movement in South-Eastern Crimea during the Nazi occupation, the liberation of Theodosius in April 1944 

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Phone number: +7 (36562) 3-43-55
Address: Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya, Aivazovsky ave, 11
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