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Kursk Oblast , Lipina

The Ancient Town of Lipino

Липинское городище
Липинское городище

The Scythians left one of their most curious and mysterious memorials in Kursk oblast. A well discovered on the territory of the ancient town in Lipino is the oldest in Russia. It is also the most unique.

People settled down on the territory near Lipino more than two thousand tears ago. The place turned out to be so fertile that people stayed here for many centuries. The historical heritage of the area is enormous, but the oldest finding is considered to be a well that was supposedly dug by the Scythians around 700 A.D.

Archaeologists first came to this place about 100 years ago. However, the significance of the site was appreciated only recently. Scientists fr om the Research Institute of Archeology at Kursk State University began to conduct more thorough research only fifteen years ago.

As is known from the annals, Northern Slavs arrived here at the beginning of the 9th century. They built the town in a very characteristic manner of that time, typical for the archaeological culture of the Ramen region. In the 10th century, the town was demolished by Russian princes who had come here to conquer the northern tribes. A settlement was founded next to the burned down town. It had a territory of 15 hectares and was densely populated, as if all residents lived in a single place. An Old Russian town started forming here in the 11-12th centuries. It can be defined as a lesser town but it possessed all the characteristics and the infrastructure of a megapolis of those times.

Lipino is a unique monument of historical heritage and a classic example of the evolution of a tribal fortress into an Old Russian town and princely center. The depth of studies about Lipino, combined with numerous mentions in the annals, make it a kind of gold standard.  Great access roads, constant excavations, and the picturesque landscape make this site an attractive tourist destination.  The Posemskaya expedition is one wh ere foreign tourists can also participate.

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