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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The ‘Ust-Buotama’ Bisonary

The Bisonary ‘Ust-Buotama’ the nursery of forest bison. Opened in 2006 at the inflow of the river Buotama. Animals brought from Canada, as their bison in Yakutia remained after centuries of hunting them. This nursery a step to revival of the native local fauna. It occupies a large area about 100 acres, so the animals didn't feel forced. The Forest bison was endangered species listed in the international Red book. Resettlement of the wood bison in Yakutia is connected with the revival of bison to their historic homeland. It is in Yakutia, scientists have found the skull of an ancient bison that lived in this area of 20-30 thousand years ago. Yakutian bison went extinct about 5 thousand years ago, and those who moved to North America, with time divided into two subtypes: steppe and forest. When visiting bisonary should follow a few simple rules. First, you need to remember that the forest Bison are very skittish and are capable of unpredictable reactions, so you can't bring in a dog ken and commit any action that may alarm the animals. Do not feed, tease or scare them. It is impossible to go beyond the barriers and fences, especially to put on their children. It is important to keep quiet. Photograph of bison is possible, but only without using a tripod, a flash, and only with the permission of the nursery staff. You can't throw in the cages of items to attract the attention of bison. You can only walk on fixed routes, accompanied by reserve staff. If the bison get too close to the person, in any case can't touch him because it is dangerous.

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Phone number: 8 (4114) 445289
Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Hangalasskiy disrict

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