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Kursk Oblast , Olkhovatka

Monument «Teplovskie Heights»

The 17-metre monument is situated on the highest point within the area. A three-tiered observation deck, made in the shape of anti-tank mine, overlooks the places of WWII battles.

German generals called the Teplovskie Heights «the key of Kursk». One of the bloodiest fights of the Battle of Kursk began here in July 1943. The Germans attempted to seize a 253.5-metre height in order to cut off the Soviet soldiers fr om lines of communication and supply. After an air raid the Wehrmacht Infantry Regiment, supported by forty tanks, started the attack. The Soviet artillerymen managed to hold back the enemy's advance under incessant mortar fire. The territory of Olkhovatskie, Teplovskie and Molotychevskie heights forms the impregnable natural ridge line, wh ere more than 40 thousand people were killed.

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Address: Kursk Oblast, Ponyrovsky District, Olkhovatka

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