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Primorsky Krai , Partizansk

Competitions by boats Dragons

Соревнования на лодках-драконах
Игорь Онучин , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края

One of the most popular, affordable, and hence mass sports and recreation in Vladivostok began rowing boat"dragon".

The first ten-seat boats appeared in the capital of Primorye in 2003, and in several cities of the region formed the sporting community of rowing enthusiasts. At the regional competition of traditional rivals for several years already remain teams of Vladivostok, Partizansk and Nakhodka. Now the "dragons" in Primorye are familiar for several thousand people.

In summer, the rowers train on open water, mostly in the evenings. The competition is held in the weekend of racing "dragons" are satisfied not only Vladivostok and Nakhodka. The opening and closing of the rowing season traditionally held on the lake in the village of Lozove where the water is always warm, and the nearby children's camp "the Fire" is ready to shelter and feed the athletes and the fans.

To join the community of paddlers is most convenient in June, when the city conducts Amateur racing, youth Day. Many citizens, for the first time stranded in a boat in order to protect the honor of his organization involved in this sport and stay in it for long.

Coaches are constantly coming up with something new, so rowers don't get bored. When the waters of the yacht club "Seven feet" at the same time and run four or five boats, teams can compete against each other to assess the level of their training. Become a tradition boat camping weekend to the lake of lotuses Okeanskaya station or to the island of Gingerbread.

Favorite dish rowers has long been a pilaf, cooked in a large pot according to all rules: with garlic and barberry. Each sports festival ends with a meal that is prepared right there next to the competition.

When the open water season ends, the rowers are moving in gyms where it is possible to paddle on the special technological simulator. Machines are equipped with a digital display that displays the power of each muscular efforts, and shows the time taken by the oarsman at a particular distance. Improving its performance in collaboration with smart appliances, the rowers are waiting for the new season.

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Address: Primorsky Krai, Partizansky urban Okrug, village of Lozove

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