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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic , Yakutsk

Mushroom map of Yakutsk

In woods of Yakutia grows various type of mushrooms, but to collect a basketful better to know where to move off in their searches. In the suburb of Yakutsk there are four so-called «mushroom zones» determined by the main routes of Yakutsk: Vilyuyskiy, Namskiy, Pokrovskiy and Maganskiy. Vilyuyskiy trakt: here the forest is mixed: in one place the birch grove, you have to drive a little further in the pines, where in places densely growing larch. According to hunters and truckers, including a large number of mushrooms. But the path far behind them you have to drive over 40 kilometers of the Vilyui tract. A lot of white mushrooms, saffron milk caps, milk mushrooms and birch boletus. Namskiy tract: in this area the forest is coniferous-deciduous. Normally you can collect a lot of mushrooms, slippery jacks, birch. Especially good to grow these mushrooms on the left side of the road after the border Namsky district. On the right side of the track, according to mushroom, can be found in a large number of mushrooms and saffron milk cap. Pokrovskiy trakt: mixed forest. Closer to the city more deciduous, so there are often harvested mushrooms, boletus, mushrooms and saffron milk caps. Find and butter, especially late. It is that with the yellow hat. They need to look in the wrong place, dominated by coniferous trees. Maganskiy tract: here, predominantly coniferous forest, and thus grow the whole set of oil. But find other types of mushrooms: white, boletus, mushrooms, saffron milk caps.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk city

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