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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

The Tit-Ary island

Остров Тит-Ары
Остров Тит-Ары
The island Tit-Ary is one of the largest islands in course of the Lena River. In translation fr om Yakut "tit-ary" is mean the "island of larch". It is one of the most northern places wh ere grow Dahurian larch which in the 1930s grew on the island and reached height of 4-6 meter. The island Tit-Ary is a part of Ust-Lena Nature Reserve and some larch of the woods are under security. From the island open a delightful views of abrupt rocks of coast of Lena. For the period of short polar summer all island blossoms various wild flowers. On the island there is a stele with names of the immigrants from the Baltics who lived here and founded the settlement Tit-Ary. Names are written in four languages: Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian. Current near with island is very strong and even in a calm weather can begin roughness at the river therefore in case of a travel on the island on a kayak it is necessary to be careful and be extremely attentive.

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Address: The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Bulunskiy district, Tit-Ary island

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