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Sverdlovsk Oblast

Lake Tavatuy

Tavatuy is one of the most beautiful and clean lakes of our region. He is often called the pearl of the Middle Urals. The water is extremely clean and clear. On a clear Sunny day can be seen playing in the sun stones on the bottom to a depth of several meters. These places always attract many tourists and vacationers easy from Ekaterinburg and other cities.

To understand what means the toponym «tavatuy», refer to the studies of the famous scientist A. Matveev: «the name is easy to spread on the Komi-Permyak words ta-va-tuy «this waterway». There is also a legend about the guide, Komi, which showed to Russian the lake and said that it should go by water. Legend, of course, is the late Russian fiction. There is another explanation by ethnographer V. A. Lozhkin who interprets the name as the words of the Tatar language as «the Feast of the mountains» (Tau is the «mountain'Tuy «feast»): the mountain was going to the lake as guests to the table...» (A. Matveev «Geographical names of the Urals»).

Lake Tavatuy has an elongated from North to South form. Its length is 10 km and width — 3-3,5 km. Thus its area is about 21 sq. km Depth is 9 metres. The basin of the lake was formed as a result of tectonic motions, but she was filled with water already in the post-glacial time. So, the lake is very young. He is only 15-20 thousand years. The area is geologically refers to the Verh-Isetskiy granite massif. There are a lot of granite outcrops.

From all sides of the lake surrounded by mountains. The most beautiful and highest mountain are on the East Bank: Bolshoi Kamen, Bychiha, Volchya, Visokaya, Stozhok. The highest peak is mount Stozhok (462 m). It is visible from afar, is shaped like a haystack, for which it received its name. Many mountain near Tavatuy crowned with granite rocks.

On Tavatuy there are several Islands. Most of them are in the southern part of the lake. The largest island is Olkhov Kust located in the South-West of the lake, in front of the village near the lake. Low-lying wetland island is overgrown with bushes. It is said that this island... came here from the North part of the lake! One day island broke away from the quagmire and the wind was bring it in another part of the lake. Here it ran aground, and the roots of plants rooted to the muddy bottom. Now I can't believe that this island was not in sight.

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Address: Sverdlovsk region, Nevyansky district, near the settlement of Tawatui

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