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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Khaan (blood sausage)

Yakutians cook khaan from fresh beef or horse blood, filling guts with it (both, thick and thin).

Since ancient times two types of blood sausages are known: delicious - subay, and simple "black" blood. During a cattle face blood is settled. The top liquid part is subay, and lower - "black" blood.

Sausage from subay is more tasty and softer, with a shade of gloss and lighter. Sausage from black blood is more dense, darker, less tasty. Taste of blood sausage depends on structure: amounts of blood, fat content of a gut. The sausage made from carefully processed blood seasoned in a thick gut is especially tasty. Sausage from horse blood after cooking is white or cream color.

Cook khaan in a spacious pan. It is necessary to thaw the frozen khaan.

Any khaan is dipped in salty hot water and boiled on weak fire. It is necessary to monitor cooking. At strong boiling, it can burst, and then all blood will fall out of a cover.

During cooking khaan it is necessary to overturn carefully. Readiness is defined by pressing a finger. If at the same time blood solidification is felt, it is already possible to check readiness with a fork or a knife.

After having convinced of full readiness, it is necessary to pull out khan at once, to put it on a big dish, to cut off a tie. Knives have to be sharp, otherwise the form of the cut circle collapses.

Khaan is better to cook before serving.

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