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The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic

Yakutian flat cake

Flat cake is widespread in almost all people, but each of them do it in different way. If earlier flat cake was baked on naked flame of a small fireplace, then now it is baked in an oven, on a plate or in an oven.

To press carefully until it will be a sphere, to put in a pan, to cover and put for 15–20 minutes for rise. Whether to roll the risen dough in the form of flat cake of a round squared shape which depends on ware where it will be laid out and also from a way of pastries: in an oven or on a plate. Thickness usually happens 1.5 centimeters. To grease from above with milk or sour cream, to make punctures a fork for an exit of vapors. To put on a frying pan or a big leaf, to put it in an oven at an average temperature at once. More often dough is made a round form of the small size and put it on the leaf 2-3 pieces nearby, then baked in an oven for 20–25 minutes.

Remove ready flat cake at sight, cool. Put the cooled-down flat cakes on a plate and serve. Put a sour cream nearby and if it is possible, serve butter, kyorchekh, a kober and chekhon.

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