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Primorsky Krai

The yew grove

The yew tree grove grows on the island of Petrova, a unique and multi-layered monument. There is speculation that it could build ILO - representatives of the people living on these lands at the beginning of the first Millennium of our era. Scientists adhere to the version about the natural origin of the display object.

The grove according to scientists ' estimates was used as a cult place, where he performed religious ceremonies and sacrifices. ILO the yew tree was valued incredibly expensive. For example, two small yew planks, you could buy a woman.

Grove on the island of Petrova listed in the Red book. These yews do not pohi on mateikove: they are thinner, lower and more bizarre, as blown by all the winds and storms. Straight tees on the island of Petrova impossible to meet.

During the walk through the overgrown part of the island you can get to the source of water here for thousands of years and bobicev was sacred. It is believed that the water has a rejuvenating effect and gives beauty. To the healing properties of the affected drinking water should put his lips to the water source.

Site on the map

Address: Primorsky Krai. Lazovsky district. Petrov Island. Yew grove

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