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Primorsky Krai

The streams of Pidan

Around known in Primorsky Krai tops Livadia (Pidan) in the undergrowth of the forest hide the amazing beauty of streams and mountain springs. The water in the streams is crystal clear and very cold. The keys around the mystical mountains form a scenic Creek, rapids, small cascades of waterfalls.

To see the streams Pidana can be anyone, the inspection does not require endurance and special physical training. Even the area around the mountain Pidan is steeped in mystery and legends. So there is a legend that on the top there is a fresh water lake, from which flows streams and mountain springs.

Vladimir Arsenyev in the Primorye research wrote about a man flying over streams Pidana. The annual appear by the witnesses who also saw the flying man. According to scientists, this spirit can guard these places and away from the mountain of evil.

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Address: Primorsky Krai. Shkotovsky district. The Mountain Pidan

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