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Primorsky Krai

Bay Telyakovskogo

Бухта Теляковского
Сергей Кирьянов , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края
Бухта Теляковского
Сергей Кирьянов , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края
Бухта Теляковского
Сергей Кирьянов , Туристско-информационный центр Приморского края

The Bay of Telyakovskogo located on the East of the Peninsula Gamow, and is the southernmost Bay of the far Eastern marine reserve. The rocky shore is composed of white granite and covered with endemic Khasan district - pine gustotsvetkovy. In late spring and early summer the shore of the Bay celakovskeho bloom with a carpet of large pinkish-white flowers of the rhododendron the rhododendron Schlippenbach and pointed.

The Eastern part of the Peninsula, facing the open sea, leaves a more vivid impression after the visit. All these cliffs, secluded coves, pebble beaches are one with nature and set up romantic. In celakovskeho Bay is a dirt road, but the car can only reach the water's edge on one of the boulder beaches. To see all the beauty it is necessary to walk along the coast, scrambling over rocks and steep sections amplify by sea.

The most famous landmark of the Bay of Telyakovskogo is an island Languishing Heart. Here in a natural gully lies a huge boulder, which in certain weather conditions makes sounds similar to a heartbeat.

In the Bay there are several pebbly beaches, very attractive for tourism in Primorye. Bay celakovskeho is a place for those lovers in Primorsky Krai, which is the beauty of the nature of Primorye, important domestic facilities and the number of sand on the beach. And in light fog, and in Sunny weather you can see the pristine purity of water and air, peace, bizarre boulders, reflection of the pines Gamow.

The Bay of Telyakovskogo definitely visited by tourists in the village Andreevka and the Bay of Vityaz.

Unusual characteristics of the Bay can be considered as being on its boundary the waters of the far Eastern State Marine Reserve. On the maps it takes place in latitude 42 degrees 35 minutes, and divides the Bay into 2 conditional parts. The southern part (about 70 not protected and is open to visit, the Northern part (30% respectively) the zone of complete conservation of the Eastern section of DUGS. It is impossible to bathe, to swim, boat, fish, etc. tight control there, but occasionally come to the Rangers from the reserve b. Rescue and carry out explanatory work.

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Address: Primorsky Krai. The Khasan district. Bay Celakovskeho

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