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Sakhalin Oblast

Cheremshansky Waterfall

Cheremshansky waterfall is the favorite place of Sakhalin tourists. Even though the road there can hardly be called easy, many people strive to get to the waterfall at least once a season.

This nature’s marvel is located in Tomarinsk district of Sakhalin Island, on the Zhyoltaya (“yellow”) River (the right confluent of the Cheremshanka River), 25 km from the river’s mouth. It is about 170 meters above the sea level; the actual waterfall height is 13 meters. 

The road to a clearing by the waterfall becomes a driveway only in summertime. The only way to get to the site is by a cross-country vehicle, as you will have to overcome washouts, pebble debris and simply huge mud holes. By the way, this is what largely draws the local jeepers to the waterfall, because, in addition to admiring the scenery, they enjoy the “forcing of obstacles” — something they can seldom indulge in in the urban environment.

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Address: Сахалинская обл., Томаринский р-н

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