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Sakhalin Oblast

The Busse Lake

Busse is a lagoon lake. Its total area is 39.4 sq. km, it is 9 km long, 7 km wide and its depth reaches 4.5 meters.
The lake got its name from Major Nikolay Busse, a member of Amur expedition of 1849-1855. A great number of streams and rivers, including the Shishkevich and Arakul Rivers, run into the lake. It is connected with the Chibisanskoye, Lesser and Greater Vavayskoye Lakes.
The lake’s feature is its flora and fauna, as its banks and bed are covered with sea grasses and algae, including valuable red alga Ahnfeltia used to make agar-agar.
The lake is populated by mollusks — primarily mussels, giant oysters, Japanese scallops, and sea cucumber; grass shrimp also ranges here. The lake is a habitat of a great number of fish species, including humpback salmon, dog salmon, herring, navaga, smelt, crucian carp, taimen, and others. Waterfowl nestle here.
The Busse lagoon is a natural monument of a regional significance and a rich ecosystem that has a prominent commercial and scientific value.

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