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Arkhangelsk Oblast , Pigeon

Golubinsky Proval Cave

The Golubinsky Proval cave is located on the right bank of the Pinega Rver in the Golubinsky geological reserve. This is the most famous and most visited cave in Arkhangelsk Oblast, though until the mid-20th century very few people knew about it and it wasn't mentioned in books. Is was first explored by speleologists fr om Saint-Petersburg in August 1967.

The cave is 1,622 meters long and covers an area of 5,267 square meters. The entrance to the cave is in the mouth of the ravine called Tarakanya Shelya (Cockroach Crevice). There is a small platform from which you can begin a steep descent into the cave using wooden stairs. There are 3 tiers of passages inside the cave. They show the stages of its development.

The Golubinsky Proval cave begins with a vast entrance grotto 9 meters high and 15x20 meters in size. The cave's vault descends in steps, the deeper the cave goes. From the grotto there are several passages leading into the depths of the cave. The cave here is totally frozen through, so after the spring floods the water freezes and snow crystals appear on the walls.

30 meters away from the entrance grotto stands the Forum Hall. It's 5 meters high and measures 8x24 meters. At its bottom you can see the bed of a temporary stream, wh ere water flows during the spring floods.

In the north-east of Forum Hall the main passage begins. It is 500 meters long. Its width varies from 2.5 to 4 meters; its height — from 1.2 to 3 meters. On the walls you can see a sculptural mesh of pressure flows.

The passage's northern part is called Metro. It is 5 meters wide and 4 meters high. This is the most spacious part of the cave. In the spring the passage is flooded with water. Through the Metro passage you can get to the Round Hall. From here a low passage stretches to the north with a clay-covered floor. It ends with a sump.

Ice formations and water-mechanical deposits are typical for the Golubinsky Proval cave. The ice formations emerged near the supercooled part of the cave's entrance. Ice crystals and hoarfrost are formed here the whole year round. Also there are perennial ice formations.

Bats spend the winter in the cave. They live in its warm part, in cracks and hard-to-reach places. You can notice them only if you look carefully.

It's very easy to get through the cave along the main passage, so it's often visited by tourists and locals.

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Address: Arkhangelsk Oblast, Pinezhsky District, 17 kilometers from Pinega village

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