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The Republic of Khakassia

The Oglakhty Eco-Tourist Complex

Эколого-экскурсионный комплекс «Оглахты»

The Oglakhty Eco-Tourist Complex is located in the Kharassky Reserve near the confluence of the Enisey and Tuba rivers. The complex consists of a theme-based visitor's center and an eco-trail that leads to the petroglyphs of Sorok Zubyev Mountain (Forty-Tooth Mountain). The eco-trail features 965 steps and its observations points provide views of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir.

This area of the reserve hosts one of the largest collections of petroglyphs, dating from 1,000-6,000 years old, in Khakassia. The complex also features a unique slab called Shaman-Stone with rock engravings.

The visitor's center offers outstanding archaeological discoveries made on the territory of Oglakhtynsky mountain ridge, Khakassia's rock art of various styles, and information about the most important events in the history of ancient Kharassian lands.  The exhibits in the visitor's center are interactive.

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Phone number: 8 (3902) 35-22-04
Address: The Republic of Khakassia, Bogradsky region

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